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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Natural Cure For Constipation

Although most of us are a bit embarrassed to talk about it, constipation is something many of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. Staying regular is very important to maintaining proper health and finding natural cures for constipation is a good alternative for those of us not comfortable with the idea of taking a medication to solve the problem.

One of the best known, as well as nutritious ways to keep your body’s digestive system functioning the way nature intended, is with prunes. Prunes are one of the natural cures for constipation that are safe, effective and inexpensive. Almost everyone enjoys the taste of prunes and they can easily be worked into anyone’s diet. If a person isn’t fond of eating prunes they can certainly drink a glass of prune juice every few days to keep things moving.

Licorice isn’t only a favorite candy of millions of children but it has another lesser known appeal. It’s actually one of the most effective natural cures for constipation. Anyone who has over indulged in black licorice has probably already discovered this. Parents will sometimes use licorice as natural cures for constipation with children.

It’s much easier than trying to convince a child to take an over the counter medication. In fact, as one of the most flavorful natural cures for constipation, parents should keep a close eye on just how much licorice their children are consuming. Too much licorice, too often, can actually lead to too many trips to the washroom.

Another very gentle method of helping the body to become more regular is increasing the amount of water that is consumed. Water is viewed as one of the most natural cures for constipation. This is mainly due to the fact that many people simply don’t consume enough liquid in the course of the day. By increasing their daily intake to at least eight glasses of water, they can regulate their systems in no time at all.

Herbal remedies seem to be available for just about anything that can possibly ail a person and constipation problems are no exception. There are many herbal concoctions that are considered natural cures for constipation. It’s advised that if a person is already taking prescription medication for a medical condition, they should consult their physician before beginning any herbal supplements as natural cures for constipation. Herbal products can interact with traditional medicines and the results can be serious.

Taking care of yourself by eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and staying active will likely help your body functions stay in sync. If you do need a little extra help, consider natural cures for constipation. They’ll get the job done with few side-effects.


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