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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Homemade Natural Face Cream

Here is an excellent home recipe for face cream.

Equipment Needed:

Small pan or skillet
Measuring cup and spoons
Wooden spoon
Rubber spatula
Amber storage jar

Ingredients Needed:

2/3 cup rosewater, orangewater or distilled water (don't use tap water)
1/3 cup aloe vera gel (can substitute with comfrey root tea)
Essential oil (such as coriander)
Vitamin A or E (if desired)

Oils Needed:

3/4 cup apricot or almond oil
1/3 cup cocoa butter
1 teaspoon anhydrous lanolin
2 tablespoons liquid lecithin
1/2 oz. grated beeswax


Without burning, melt the wax and oils together. Set aside and allow to cool. Cut and peel the aloe vera until you have 1/3 cup, then whip this in the blender. Add the rosewater, orangewater, or distilled water that you decided to use to the whipped aloe and then blend.

Pour the oil mixture into the measuring cup and turn on the blender to its highest setting. Slowly drizzle the oil mixture into the top of the blender. The consistency will change quickly. It will thicken suddenly and you should hear a "glug, glug" sound. This indicates it is done. Spoon the mixture into the amber glass jar and you are finished.

Fill out and apply the lable to the jar with the date and what is in the jar for later indentification.

Note: If you add any herbs to this mixture you should add 5 drops of Benzoin tincture as a preservative or keep the cream refrigerated.



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