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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Metabolic Syndrome Management

Body Composition and Markers of Metabolic Health Improvement from Internet-based Program

A cluster of risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease is known as Metabolic syndrome.

Abdominal obesity, elevated blood pressure, atherogenic dyslipidemia and insulin resistance or intolerance to glucose are a few of these risk factor. As the rates of overweight and obesity increase, metabolic syndrome becomes more common.

In August 2009 a research was published in the Obesity and Weight Management journal confirming the effectiveness of a lifestyle changing program, which is hosted on the internet, that supports the improvement in cardiovascular and metabolic health.

The study consisted of a 12 week online intervention program that studied sixty individuals with metabolic syndrome. Tests were taken before, during and after the 12week program.

The Healthy for Life program was conducted, via the internet, and involved using standard weight loss tools, to include meal replacements, low-glycemic diets, behavioral change strategies, and self-monitoring.

USANA Health Sciences supplied the meal replacement shakes, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, and snack bars used in this program study.

Results of the intervention program:

1. Average weight loss- 5.4%
2. Fasting insulin reduced to 32.3%
3. Insulin sensitivity increased to 31.6%
4. Improvement on triglycerides, total cholesterol, and blood pressure
5. Nearly half the subjects no longer met the criteria for metabolic syndrome

This study shows that an internet-based lifestyle change program can and does result in meaningful weight loss, as well as, improved cardiovascular health in overweight people with metabolic syndrome.

The researchers noted that given the need for strategies to help large numbers of obese individuals achieve weight loss, these results are significant.

(Source: Wyatt, et al. Successful internet-based lifestyle change program on body weight and markers of metabolic health. Obesity and Weight Management 2009 August; 5(4): 150-153.)


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