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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bruxism- A Teeth Grinding Problem

Fighting bruxism

Statistics reveal that millions are suffering from bruxism which is the involuntary clenching or grinding of teeth that generally occur during the sleep. The greatest risk involved with bruxism is that many of the bruxers are unaware of this habit in them until irrevocable damage has been inflicted to their teeth and gums.

Clenching the teeth with immense force or grinding them on a continuous basis can cause permanent damage to the gums and teeth as it would result in the crushing through the protective shield created by the enamel, thus damaging the roots.

Charles Harrison, a bruxer himself, came up with innovative methods for treating bruxism where other treatments were found to be ineffective. The personal sufferings of Charles Harrison caused by bruxism resulted in the formation of cureforbruxism. By the age of nine, his teeth got flattened after incessant grinding done during the night.

Resorting to neither the $500 night guard nor a sports mouth guard could spare his teeth from further damage. Visiting a dentist, an acupuncturist, neither a hypnotherapist nor a craniologist helped him in his struggle against bruxism.

This made him probe deep into the cause of the night chewing. This resulted in the formation of the site where he provides a detailed step-by-step procedure for getting over the illness.

Bruxism is a disease which is not recognized by many until irreversible damage has been made to the teeth which might result in a huge dental expenditure if not detected on time.

Some of the common symptoms are cited below:
• Morning migraines
• Painful jaws
• Insomnia
• Teeth oversensitive to cold, hot and citrus
• Regular headaches
• Restless sleeps during the night
• Chipping of teeth

Charles Harrison, the founder of the site has come up with an effective, at the same time, simple and inexpensive method of curing this illness.

If you long for putting an end to the grinding of the teeth or if you prefer your natural teeth to a night guard before going to bed, this is the right place to be in. The program provides a detailed procedure that can minimize bruxism in an individual.

Some aspects covered by the program are mentioned below:

1. Identifying the real cause for bruxism.
2. Recognizing the relationship between one’s sleeping posture and the problem.
3. Analyzing the impact of herbal remedies.
4. Ascertaining the three health supplements that could aid the body in fighting the disease.
5. Becoming skilled at “Press Clench” exercise.
6. Gaining knowledge of the one major practice that guarantees to stop the unintentional clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep.
7. Providing insight to other exercises that would help in completely recovering from bruxism.
Click HERE for more information on the program.

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