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Monday, April 12, 2010

Acne Skin Care

Acne is defined as a diseased condition of the skin that involves the hair and oil glands. It is characterised by pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and cysts.

Face acne can spoil your appearance to a great extent and body acne can really ruin your day by making you very uncomfortable. Considering acne as a minor problem, some people tend to totally discard the topic of ‘Acne skin care’.

However, the importance of Acne skin care cannot be undermined in any way.

Acne skin care should really start much before the acne actually appears. Acne skin care is more about being proactive than reactive. Acne skin care is about being aware of preventive measures.

Acne skin care is - following daily skin care routines with complete discipline. So let’s have a look at how acne skin care can be applied to our daily routine.

Acne skin care starts with the most basic thing - cleanliness. So morning showers are the most basic way of keeping the skin clean. In fact, a lot of people take night showers too (that not only helps in keeping your skin clean but also provides relaxation to your body and enables a good sleep).

If you are living in a hot and/or humid place, a night shower becomes a must. In fact, a shower is recommended after any activity that causes high levels of sweat to develop. It’s a very effective acne skin care technique.

However, acne skin care is not about just showers. Acne skin care is also about wearing clean clothes and sleeping on clean pillows. Moreover, too tight clothes can cause sweat to accumulate quickly; so soft and comfortable cotton clothes are recommended, especially if you already have acne. In the same sense, acne skin care also advocates regular cleaning of your make-up brush and any equipment that you use on your body.

Besides that, you should also use a mild, water-soluble, oil-free and soap-free cleanser for keeping your face, neck and arms clean. Cleansing is the most important part of any acne skin care routine. Cleaners are the easiest and the most effective way of removing dirt, grease, pollutants and excess oil from your skin; thus reducing the probability of acne occurrence.

Acne skin care also recommends removing your make up using a make up remover, and this should happen before you go to bed (not in the morning).

If you already have acne, do not try to touch them or squeeze them; it can lead to permanent scars. Acne skin care advocates gentle cleansing and cleaning of the affected area using an over- the-counter medication and a clean, soft cotton pad. There are various acne skin care creams and lotions available over-the-counter (a lot of these acne skin care products are actually cleansers).

However, if these acne skin care measures don’t give you the desired results, contact a dermatologist for acne skin care advice and treatment.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skin Care Products

Maybe you've already noticed this, but there is an entire world of cosmetics, facial cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, facial masks, sunscreens and face scrubs currently gracing the skin care market.

This translates to it may be quite difficult to pinpoint the skin care product or products that suit your complexion. On the other hand, there is no reason to fret just yet. There are a few simply things you can do to narrow down your search for the ideal cosmetics and skin care remedies.

The first step in finding great skin care solutions is understanding your skin type. This could be normal, dry, combination, sensitive, oily or even problematic. Do you have a clue what you particular skin type is? If not, you can find out be answering a simple survey online.

Once you've established your skin type, it will be mush easier acquiring the right skin care product. Let's say you have combination skin like so many people do. Your face is dry in the cheek areas on occasion and oily in the T-zone.

You should start by seeking out skin care products that were designed for this skin type. Most likely you will find numerous cleansers, toners/astringents and moisturizers. Price can really narrow down your search and likely exclude some skin care product lines.

The skin care products you choose should be made from natural ingredients and not contain a lot of preservative chemicals called "parbens". This may be difficult at times, as there are not too many on the market.

An excellent selection of natural skin care products can be found at the following website:

If you want to stay on a small budget, you may want to give a few drugstore brands a shot such as Neutrogena, Avenno or Biore. These are all well-known skin care lines that tons of women and men trust daily to care for their delicate mugs.

Then again, if you're in the market for something on the more expensive side, you'll have plenty to choose from in any high-end department store like Macy's or Nordstrom's. Try samples of high-end cosmetics like Lancome, Estee lauder, Channel, Shisedo, Clinique or Origins.

The web has plenty to offer in regards to skin care product lines and infinite correctional cosmetics. All you really need to do is search for a particular skin issue or skin type and you will be flooded with skin care product results. Take full advantage of product reviews prior to purchasing.

This way you can at least get someone else's impression of the skin care product before buying it. Also, always be sure to check the website for money-back guarantees. If the product or product line fails to offer one, you might want to consider this a red flag.